Rental Property Dashboard

Rental Property Dashboard

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Cedar Rapids Iowa

Tech Stack

Swift, Java, RxSwift, RxJava, Firebase


Branding | Design | UX

React Native | Serverless

Rental Property Dashboard

Empowering property investment with real-time profitability analysis, professional networking, and exclusive investment opportunities.

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Case Study

Rental Property Dashboard is a mobile app designed by Code Gradients that allows users to analyze the profitability of potential and owned rental investments in seconds, connect with professionals such as property managers and wholesalers to grow their business, and discover lucrative markets based on actual returns from their community of investors. Users can also strategize by discussing owned and for sale investments with other investors and invest in exclusive investment deals offered by their community of rental sellers

Challenges and Solutions

We faced several challenges while developing the Rental Property Dashboard app. Here are some of the challenges and solutions that the team implemented to overcome them:

  • UI Development - As the data was totally dynamic and each and every input was dependent on one another, and the UI was in landscape mode for tablets, the developers worked on creating a programmatic UI for both iOS and Android. They also used RxSwift and RxJava to handle the state change and update the UI accordingly.
  • Implementing complex real estate formula - The app involved hundreds of inputs, and each result on the dashboard was the result of complex calculations. The developers had one-on-one meetings with the client on a daily basis to understand the American real estate and rental landscape along with the business requirements. The developers implemented the complex formula to show accurate results based on complex real estate input.


Code Gradients successfully launched a bug-free app that has helped thousands of real estate investors. The app has a user-friendly interface and offers valuable features such as real-time data and analytics, community networking, investment opportunities, and customizable dashboard experiences. With Rental Property Dashboard, users can take control of their rental real estate investing and achieve their financial goals. In addition to launching the app, Code Gradients also maintained the app as the client was very happy with the final version and the positive feedback from the users.