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Nxgen Crypto Signals

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Cedar Rapids Iowa

Tech Stack

Swift, Kotlin, Web Sockets, API, AWS S3


Branding | Design | UX

React Native | Serverless

Nxgen Crypto Signals

Your real-time guide for cryptocurrency prices, history, and personalized updates.

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Case Study

Nxgen Crypto Signals is a mobile app developed, designed, and marketed by Code Gradients that offers real-time updates on cryptocurrency prices, historical data, and personalized notifications for users who subscribe to crypto signals. With over 50000 active users, the app is one of the top Crypto Signals app in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. The app is designed for users from all over the world, but it is especially popular among Arabic-speaking people in the Gulf countries.

Additional Work

We worked with the client on App Icon, Screenshots and Keywords for this app. The app is also localized in Arabic language, catering to the specific needs of users in the Gulf countries.

Challenges and Solutions

Code Gradients faced several challenges while developing the Nxgen Crypto Signals app. Here are some of the challenges and solutions that the team implemented to overcome them:

  • Handling real-time price updates - To handle real-time price updates of different coins, Code Gradients implemented web sockets to stream the real-time crypto data. This solution helped in providing users with up-to-date information on cryptocurrency prices.
  • Showing real-time and historical data in graphs - To show real-time and historical data in graphs, the team worked on custom graphs according to the app UI. This solution helped in providing users with a seamless experience while using the app.
  • Retaining and enhancing user experience - To retain and enhance the user experience, Code Gradients created a robust UI and user experience for the app. This solution helped in keeping users interested and engaged with the app.
  • Sending real-time updates to thousands of users via push notifications - To send real-time updates to thousands of users via push notifications, the team used Firebase Cloud Function along with Firebase Notifications. This solution helped in providing users with timely notifications, ensuring that they did not miss out on important information.


Nxgen Crypto Signals grew its user base from 0 to 50000 active users with a minimum marketing budget.The app achieved high user satisfaction through its seamless user experience, real-time notifications, and interactive social media features. Technologies used in the app included Swift, Java, Objective C, PHP, NodeJs, AWS, and Firebase, demonstrating Code Gradients’ expertise in mobile app development and marketing.