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Cedar Rapids Iowa

Tech Stack

Swift, Java, RxSwift, RxJava, Firebase


Branding | Design | UX

React Native | Serverless

Healthy Box

A cross-platform food delivery app offering custom menus and order tracking, amplifying user experience and business growth.

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Case Study

Healthy Box is a food delivery app that provides fresh and organic food to office spaces and fitness enthusiasts. The client approached our mobile app development and marketing company to create a cross-platform solution for their app that would work on both iOS and Android devices.

Challenges and Solutions

The client required a mobile app that would allow users to create a customized food menu based on their calorie needs, weight, and height while tracking the status of their orders. However, they did not want to develop separate apps for iOS and Android devices.

  • After discussing various options with the client, we recommended using React Native, a popular cross-platform development framework. React Native allowed us to create a single codebase for native apps on both iOS and Android devices, eliminating the need for separate apps. We custom-developed the necessary UI components, including weight and height selectors, tailored to the client’s specific requirements.
  • To create a scalable backend solution, we recommended using AWS Services like Amazon EC2 instance and Elastic Beanstalk to host the PHP API and MySQL for the database. We used AWS S3 for file storage, ensuring fast and reliable access to the app’s data.


Using React Native, we developed a cross-platform solution that allowed Diet Castle to launch their app on both iOS and Android devices effortlessly. The custom-developed UI components resulted in a visually appealing user experience, leading to a significant increase in orders. Users appreciated the ability to create a personalized food menu and track their orders’ status


By partnering with our mobile app development and marketing company, Healthy Box achieved their goals of creating a cross-platform solution tailored to their needs and requirements. Using React Native, we developed a unique user experience that resulted in a successful and well received app.