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iOS | Android | AWS | ChatGPT


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React Native | Serverless

Funky SX

Elevating radio listening with non-stop urban and dance music, daily show info, schedules, and a replay option for your favorite broadcasts.

Case Study

The Funky SX App, a radio station app designed for FM 103 in the United States, is dedicated to providing its users with an unparalleled and seamless listening experience. The app features high-quality, non-stop urban and dance music, live and upcoming daily show information, a full weekly show schedule, and a listen-again option for favourite shows up to seven days after they originally aired. This case study aims to explore the impact of the Funky SX App on its users and how it has transformed the radio landscape.

Problem Statement

Traditional radio stations have faced a decline in listenership, partly due to the rising popularity of digital platforms, podcasts, and music streaming services. In response, FM 103 sought to create a mobile app that would bring the radio experience to the digital realm, offering listeners convenient and interactive access to their favourite radio content.

Challenges and Solutions

To address this challenge, FM 103 launched the Funky SX App, which offered the following innovative features:

  • High-quality, 24/7 urban and dance music: The app streams music in high quality to deliver an enjoyable listening experience for users.
  • Live and upcoming daily shows: Users can stay informed about live and upcoming daily shows, ensuring they never miss their favourite programs.
  • Full weekly show schedule: The app provides a comprehensive weekly show schedule, enabling users to plan their listening habits and discover new shows.
  • Listen again feature: Users can listen to their favourite shows up to seven days after they initially aired, offering flexibility and convenience for those with busy schedules.


Since its launch, the Funky SX App has garnered a significant user base, with thousands of downloads and positive reviews. Users have reported increased satisfaction with the radio experience, praising the app’s user-friendly interface, high-quality streaming, and interactive features. Moreover, the app has led to a resurgence in FM 103’s audience, allowing the station to compete with digital platforms.