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Cedar Rapids Iowa

Tech Stack

Java, RxJava, AWS Identity, AWS S3, AWS Lamda, AWS Cloudfront, AWS API Gateway, DynamoDB


Branding | Design | UX

React Native | Serverless

Sunday School

An intuitive app streamlining attendance, requests, and reports for small communities, fostering enhanced educational processes and community engagement.

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Case Study

Sunday School app is a mobile app developed by Code Gradients for parents, students, and teachers in small communities. The app allows users to take classroom attendance, record absence requests, and automate reports. Users can easily create schools and teachers, take attendance of students for separate classes, and export attendance of desired subjects to .CSV files.

Challenges and Solutions

Some of the challenges and solutions that the team implemented to overcome them:

  • Decoupled Components - The client wanted each component to be a decoupled component so that it can be imported into any other app as a library. The team wrote the code in such a way that it was decoupled, using SOLID principles and suitable design patterns.
  • GDPR Compliance - The app needed to be GDPR Compliance ready. The team made sure that the app is GDPR Compliance ready by taking security very seriously and implementing encryption on the online and offline data in the app using SHA 256 Algorithms.
  • Complex UI - The UI of this app was very complex. The team made all the custom components for the UI in this app.


We successfully developed the Sunday School app with a decoupled architecture, GDPR Compliance, and complex UI. The app has helped parents, students, and teachers in small communities to take attendance, record absence requests, and automate reports. The app has a user-friendly interface and offers valuable features such as customizable reports and easy export of attendance data.