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Cedar Rapids Iowa

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Swift, Java, Objective C, PHP, NodeJs, AWS, Firebase


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React Native | Serverless

Drive Locations AU

Your ultimate guide to unique Australian adventures, offering hundreds of weekend drive destinations across 30 categories.

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Case Study

Drive Locations AU, One of the top travel app in Australia developed by Code Gradients that enables users from Australia to find locations that they can drive to on weekends or in short time. With over 30 different categories, the app has hundreds of locations all over Australia, all with their own unique twist to suit any kind of adventure. The app allows users to search, save, and comment on a location, making it a great resource for travel enthusiasts.

Challenges and Solutions

Code Gradients faced several challenges while developing the Drive Locations AU app. Here are some of the challenges and solutions that the team implemented to overcome them:

  • Accepting only landscape or location-based images - Since users can upload their own location in the app along with the pictures, Code Gradients implemented an AI model that only accepts landscape or location-based images. This solution helped in keeping the app free from inappropriate content, providing users with a safe and secure environment.
  • Storing and loading large amounts of image data - As the app was about to store and load large amounts of image data, the team used AWS Cloud services for that and implemented a custom cache system that reduced the overall image data and eventually cost. This solution helped in reducing the loading time of the app and provided users with a faster and smoother experience.
  • Accurate GPS measurement and time estimation - To meet the client's requirements of accurate GPS measurement and time estimation, the team utilized GPS technology to accurately measure the user's location to suggest the nearest locations. Additionally, they implemented a custom algorithm that shows the shortest distance of the destination from the user's location. These solutions helped in providing users with the best and most accurate information on locations.
  • Creating a high-quality user experience that engages the user - The team at Code Gradients designed a friendly user experience that enhanced the quality of the app overall. They were in contact with the client since day one on user experience, suggesting many new features that improved the app's user experience. These solutions helped in keeping the users interested and engaged with the app.

Target Audience

Drive Locations AU is designed for people of all ages from Australia, but it is particularly popular among the young “Gen Z” audience. The app is userfriendly, making it easy for people to explore new places in their country and escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.


Drive Locations AU grew its user base from 0 to 100000 within the first year, generating $20000 USD in revenue. The app maintained the interest level of its users within the app by using push notifications and different offers, ensuring that users continued to use the app and explore new locations in Australia. Overall, Drive Locations AU has become one of the top 5 travel apps in Australia’s travel category, cementing Code Gradients’ expertise in mobile app development and marketing.