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Cedar Rapids Iowa

Tech Stack

iOS | Android | AWS | ChatGPT


Branding | Design | UX

React Native | Serverless

Dazz Cam App

Transforming everyday captures into extraordinary art with realtime vintage, create Boomerang and glitch effects.

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Case Study

Dazz’s Cam Lomography – Glitch Photo Effects Boomerang Maker & VHS Cam is a realtime camera effects and video editing application that was developed with the aim of providing a unique platform for digital content creators and enthusiasts to create standout visuals.

  • The development team used a tech stack that included Java and Kotlin for programming, Firebase for backend services, OpenGL ES for graphics rendering, and FFMPEG for processing video and audio. This combination of technologies allowed us to create an app that can handle high-resolution media while also providing a wide variety of special effects in real-time.
  • One of the standout features of Dazz’s Cam is the real-time glitch effect. This feature was made possible through extensive research and development and by leveraging OpenGL ES’s powerful rendering capabilities. This distinctive feature allows users to see the effects of their changes live, as they make them, providing an unprecedented level of interaction and control.
  • Additionally, our boomerang maker lets users create captivating loop videos that are both engaging and fun. This was achieved by utilizing FFMPEG, a versatile tool that allowed us to incorporate complex video editing features in a mobile application.
  • Since its launch, Dazz’s Cam has achieved over 1 million downloads with over 100K monthly active users, indicating a strong demand for unique, easy-to-use editing tools. The application’s user-friendly interface and wide range of effects have been praised by users, as reflected in our high average rating on the app stores.


In conclusion, the successful development and widespread adoption of Dazz’s Cam demonstrate how combining a well-chosen tech stack with a clear understanding of user needs can result in a popular and engaging application. As we continue to iterate and improve upon Dazz’s Cam, we remain committed to providing our users with innovative tools that allow them to express their creativity and stand out in the digital world.